Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello fellow 22.ers

Hi everyone. I am trying to get this blogsite set up. It has been a while for
me and I am not that computer literate, so bear with me for a few days. I will
add everyone on my group list shortly. I am retired, married, and grandmother to
two beautiful little girls. That's all we will have. Can't expect much more from
one daughter and son-in-law, now can we? We all live in one big house with two
floors and a nanny suite for my mother. She is not doing too well lately and is
a concern. We have to schedule our away times from the house as she is nervous
of being left on her own. But we are in the process of trying to have outside help
so that we can leave the house on a regular schedule.
I worked at college/university for 14 years in the Accounting Department and took a
buy-out. Best thing I could have done it seems. I was the only one in the college
to get a full years salary, vacation time and paid medical for life. Now I love
my card making, entering ATC swaps, and have recently taken up scrapbooking and
enjoying it very much. That's about it for now. I'll check in with everyone when
I get properly set up. Bye for now.